At the beginning of the session the children are welcomed into nursery by their key person and the other children in their group.  The group share news and have opportunities to develop their listening, speaking and comprehension skills at their appropriate level.  During this time the key person will take some time to involve the children in a variety of activities, linked to the groups current interests where possible, to develop the learning opportunities provided across the week.


These activities and interests often then extend into the children's self initiated activities.  Staff are available to support and extend these learning opportunities through collaboration with the children.  During this time the children will have the opportunity to choose whether their play will develop inside or outside.  As the children select and follow their own interests members of the nursery team will support these activities, extend and provide focused activities, observe interests and learning of children all through children's play.  


Towards the end of the session the children come together in small groups for a daily exploration of an aspect of Letters and Sounds.


During the final part of the session the children will have the chance to share what they have been doing during their time in nursery/join in with rhymes/ enjoy a story being read to them before it is time to leave. There is also one morning and one afternoon whole nursery singing session.