Why we need an Induction Policy

The introduction into Nursery is an extremely important transition for children. It may be the first time that they have been left outside of their family and therefore needs to be handled sensitively and thoughtfully so that it is a positive experience.

Staff and children need time to build relationships together. These relationships form the basis of our practice and it is through them that all learning and development follows.


If registered with us, parents will receive a notification about when your when their child will be able to start a month prior to their start date. 

  •  The parents of children starting Nursery in September will beinvited into Nursery for an informal meeting where practice and procedures are explained to them.  Children who start during the term rest of the are welcome to visit prior to the home visit.
  • Children will then receive a home visit from their Key Person and another member of staff, usually the Headteacher.
  • Children then attend a 1 hour session at nursery accompanied by a parent and carer.
  • The child will then attend for one hour independent of their parent/carer. At the end of the independent visit the key person will liaise with the parent/carer around timings for the next session.
  • If the child is comfortable and settled the time will be increased.
  • Where a child experiences difficulty with settling the session time will remain at one hour or could be reduced.
  • Decisions are based entirely on the need of the individual child and will be discussed with their parents/carersParents/carers will not be charged for childcare sessions during the induction period until children are attending a full 3 hour session